After being dysfunctional for more than 6 months, the National Tariff Commission of Pakistan is back in action. Today (October 26, 2023), the National Tariff Commission has issued notice of conclusion of sunset review investigation concerning CC Billets from the People’s Republic of China and have continued antidumping duty on CC Billets for a further period of 3 years, effective from June 22, 2022, at a rate of 24.04 percent in ad val terms.

Imposition of antidumping duty against dumped imports of CC Billets helped to offset injury to the domestic industry from imports of CC Billets in the five years of its imposition. it is hoped that this continuation of antidumping duty will ensure prevention of injury to the domestic industry for a further period of 3 years.

For more details concerning this review investigation, please see the link below:

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