Artificial intelligence, internet of things, big data, cloud computing, digital transformation and machine learning are continuously changing the way business is carried out in nearly every sector of the economy. Significant changes are also taking place in Technology, Media and Telecommunications (TMT) sectors. These changes are creating great opportunities and posing great challenges at the same time. The TMT companies are bringing innovations to market at an ever-increasing rate. New products, services, distribution channels and content generate unique business challenges. Among these challenges, regulation and legal risk is the most significant challenge to the TMT companies at the moment. Specifically, data protection fines and penalties is of greatest concern, followed by intellectual property and patent infringement, and competition or anti-trust law associated with Mergers & Acquisition activity.

S.U.Khan Associates provides sector-specific high-level regulatory advice and risk assessment related to telecommunication, media and technology businesses and social media platforms in regards to compliance issues that may arise from the relevant legislation. We offer a range of legal counseling services providing comparative analysis of current and upcoming legislation, innovative legal solutions and our team ensures that our clients are notified when a potential legislative effort may have effects on their business.

S.U.Khan Associates provides strategic advise through all aspects of TMT companies covering all the legal areas including but not limited to:

  • Providing one window legal assistance to start-up TMT companies.
  • Drafting agreements and legal documents covering all aspects of the client’s business areas such as license agreements, talent agreements, intellectual property acquisition agreements, sponsorship agreements, production, co-production and post-production agreements, video game agreements, newspaper agreements, printing press agreements, organization agreements, promotion agreements, advertisement agreements and consulting agreements, software and hardware related agreements, outsourcing agreements, infrastructure outsourcing, cloud services, managed networks, mobile virtual network operation, VoIP services, and analyzing these for potential legal risks and issues under local legislation
  • Analyzing possible intellectual property and trademark disputes and data protection irregularities.
  • Analyzing regulatory compliance status and providing guidance in order to ensure a steady stream of business and operations.
  • Providing comparative analysis of local legislation, international treaties, directives and agreements in order to minimize legal risks and offer our clients a better understanding of the legal landscape as well as a legal road map to help structure their business.
  • Representing clients before authorities such as telecommunication, broadcasting and intellectual property thereby assisting clients in their communication and correspondence with these authorities.
  • Providing in-depth legal analysis on content provided, hosted, broadcasted, printed and published by TMT companies and providing them with creative counseling services to ensure compliance with the relevant legislation as well as decisions granted by relevant authorities.
  • Providing legal assistance regarding broadcasting and media strategies in Pakistan for international companies.
  • Assisting news websites within the scope of relevant law including but not limited to internet, advertising and media legislations.
  • Following up on legislative developments and reporting changes in the legal landscape.
  • Identifying our clients’ business position under local and international legislation, together with a compliance analysis.
  • Preparing and filing applications before the relevant governmental authorities.
  • Legal counseling concerning administrative and technical aspects of disputes regarding the telecommunications, media and technology sectors.

About Us

We, S.U.Khan Associates were established with the aim of providing distinctive range of services to our clients in Pakistan as well as globally. With soaring aspirations and the zeal to succeed, we endeavor to be a recognized and reputed as global professional service provider.

We have been synthesizing the learning from a vast experience-base and converting that into advantage for our clients. We offer expert services to public and private sectors. We are one of the firms that can offer innovative solutions to problems that our clients face.Read more…