Free Trade Agreement (FTA) and Preferential Trade Agreement (PTA), bilateral or multilateral, establish a free trade area where trade can be conducted across the territorial limits of the signatory countries, without or reduced tariffs and non-tariff barriers. FTA & PTA are important tools facilitating international trade.

Preferential tariff is an outcome of the FTA/PTA, which is significant in commodity trade. To avail preferential tariff, commodities must fulfill the criteria laid down in the preferential trade rules of origin. Criteria may differ by agreement and commodity; hence we provide consultation on origin verification to avail preferential tariffs.

We specially assist our valued clients to have their own FTA/PTA management system. Our services are based upon our deep understanding of the FTA/PTA rules of origin, accounting policies, business cycle and management information system. We also design system implementation framework according to the business needs of our valued clients.


  • Guidance on rules of origin as per laid down parameters of the Agreement
  • Assisting in collection or issuance of documentary evidence
  • Guidance on compliance of origin conditionalities and its implications
  • Identification of non-tariff barriers and guidance for possible way out
  • Protection of crucial industries from the injurious and un-favorable effects of the Agreement
  • Guidance to export industries to become competitive in a Free/Preferential Trade Area

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