Today (October 27, 2023), the National Tariff Commission (the Commission) has published two important decisions. One relates to conclusion of sunset review investigation concerning antidumping duties imposed on dumped imports of Sulphonic Acid into Pakistan from China, India, Indonesia, Iran, South Korea and Chinese Taipei, wherein it has extended antidumping duties ranging from 10.09% to 21.59% for a further period of 3 years, effective from May 25, 2022.

Second relates to initiation of Sunset Review and Changed Circumstances Review investigations in the matter of antidumping duties imposed on Color Coated Steel Coils/ Sheets into Pakistan from China and South Africa. In the instant notice, the Commission has also pointed out the changed market dynamics, identified in the application which call for increase in antidumping duties levied. It is pertinent to mention that this is the second ever change of circumstances review initiated by the Commission and it is the moment of pride for us that both of these reviews were prepared and filed by our firm.

These accomplishments exemplify our dedication to our clients, our passion for trade law and our unyielding pursuit of fair trade. At S.U.Khan Associates Corporate & Legal Consultants, we don’t just represent our clients; we stand by their side, battling for their due rights and transparent trade environment.

For more details concerning above mentioned investigations, please see the links below:

Conclusion of Sunset Review of Sulphonic Acid

Initiation of Sunset Review and Changed Circumstances Review of Colour Coated Coils/Sheets

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