Exports are vital for the development of economy. It is a way of increasing the sales potential by achieving access to the new markets. Exports can increase profits and create more wealth in the country. The average orders from international customers are often larger than the orders of the domestic buyers, as importers generally order by container instead of by pallet (thereby affecting both total sales and total profits).

Growth in exports creates employment. In recent years, exports have become more diversified with a greater reliance on service sector based exports. The strength of exports has a large role in determining the current account deficit. To reduce current account deficit, countries need improved export performance.

Export markets research is the process of gathering and evaluating information in the target foreign market with the objective of identifying market opportunities and constraints.


We provide following services to our valued clients to boost their exports by assisting them in designing suitable export strategies and implementing the same as their business partners to achieve the ultimate objective of enhancing growth and profits:

  • Identifying the present production, consumption and market size (quantity) of the product in the targeted country.
  • Identifying the producers/ consumers of the product in the targeted country.
  • Identifying the import (quantity as well as value) of each product from other countries in the targeted country.
  • Identifying and analyzing the overall regulatory requirements in the targeted country.
  • Identifying the tariff and non-tariff barriers of the product in the targeted country.
  • Analyzing all the trade agreements made by the targeted countries to identify the benefits relating to tariff measures provided to other countries for the concerned products in comparison to Pakistan.
  • Identifying the trade remedy measures applied by the targeted country on the import of concerned products from various sources to analyze the competitive position of the client’s products
  • Making country wise feasibility analysis which mainly includes ex-factory price & cost analysis, marine insurance, transportation cost, duties, taxes and incidentals (to workout landed cost of the products in the targeted country), potential exportable quantity, domestic prices of the products prevailing in the targeted country. This analysis helps our client in identifying the profitable markets, production and sales mix.
  • Making analysis of existing/likely production and capacity of the product of our client.
  • Making visits to the targeted countries for gathering data relating to the concerned products and meetings with the concerned private/public officials to introduce and enhance the exports of our client in the targeted countries.
  • Arranging meetings of our client with importers, trade associations and concerned organizations in Pakistan and abroad.
  • Other relevant analysis which will help in boosting the export of the concerned products of our client in the targeted countries at the most competitive prices.

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