Jiangyin Huahong Chemical Fiber Co., Ltd. is one of the largest polyester staple fiber producers in China, and is the biggest Chinese fiber exporter since 2007.

Shanghai Hengyi Polyester Fiber Co., Ltd., (Hengyi) is the biggest polyester exporter in China.

Hengyi manufacturing Polyester DTY, POY, FDY, PSF and PET CHIPS (semi-dull, super bright, bottle grade).

Jiangsu Huaxicun Co., Ltd. has been listed in Shenzhen Stock Exchange since 1999, composed by several subsidiaries, including Worsted Factory, Thermoelectricity Factory, Chemical Wharf with storage tanks for warehousing by the Yangtze River, Chemical Trade Company and Special Chemical Fiber Plant.

Huaxicun Company is one of large chip and fiber manufacturers in China. Its products include semi-dull or bright PET resin at fiber grade, semi-dull or bright polyester staple fiber for virgin and polyester staple fiber for regeneration. Huaxicun is an ISO9001 (quality administration series), ISO14000 (environment administration series) and OHSAS18000 (working health and safety administration series) certified company.

Its outstanding management team and high quality products have won a good reputation both at home and abroad.

Jiangyin Hailun Chemical Fiber Co., Ltd. is a joint venture subordinated to Jiangsu Sanfangxiang Group Company Limited, which was established in the end of 1999 with numerous production scale and great varieties of products among them mainly is polyester staple fiber. It is a new star enterprise in producing fiber-making polyester industry.

It has the most advanced technology and the powerful equipment acquired from Dupont USA and Neumag Germany respectively, for the fiber-making polyester production line.

Zhangjiagang Chengxin Chemical Fiber Co., Ltd. was established in year of 2000 and is one of the biggest manufacturer of Regenerated Polyester Staple Fiber in China, with the capacity of 40,000 tons/year.

Zhangjiagang Chengxin Chemical Fiber Co., Ltd is located at Zhangjiagang Free Trade Zone, 1-1/2 hours drive from Shanghai via Yanjiang Highway. Its plant site is 26,640 sqm with factory building area of 15,000 sqm with 300 employees and total assets of US$10 million. Zhangjiagang Chengxin Chemical Fiber Co., Ltd main product of Regenerated Polyester Staple Fiber are 1.2D (1.33dtex) x 38/51mm and 1.4D (1.56dtex) x 38/51mm, both Semi-dull and bright. Zhangjiagang Chengxin Chemical Fiber Co., Ltd also able to produce super fine deniers with high tenacity, low elongation by PET bottle flakes. More than 50% of its production is for export to all countries. As PET is basic raw material for its production, Zhangjiagang Chengxin Chemical Fiber Co., Ltd have its own Bottle Washing facility and regular in high demand of all kind of polyester waste and PET bottle flakes both washed and unwashed.

Since 1995, XiangLu Chemical Fibers started production to aim to be “the World Best Quality Chemical Fiber Supplier”, insisted on the operation concept of “active Innovation and pursuing Excellency”, strove to evolve at management, products and brand. Our annual capacity of 350,000 ton including chips, POY, FDY, DTY and PSF has led XiangLu be one of the leading companies among China’s chemical fiber industry.

Huida Sanitary Ware Co., Ltd. was established in 1982. The gas tunnel kiln production lines total 17 with an output of more than 9 million pieces of sanitary wares with HUIDA brand. The products have been formed by more than 200 varieties in top-grade, and Huida Group has established itself as a national large-scale ceramic enterprise group with complete sets management such as sanitary wares, wall tiles, the plastic fittings, the bathtub and the hardware fittings. At the beginning of 2002, “Huida” was appraised as Well-known Trademark of China by the National Industry and Commerce Bureau. It has filled the blank in Chinese ceramic area. In September, 2003, “Huida” sanitary wares were appraised as China Top Brand. In January, 2004, “Huida” ceramic were named as Inspection Free Products. Huida Group became the first enterprise which has owned the 3 top titles in national construction sanitary wares calling.

Huida’s products passed the saving ware product authentication, environment-protecting sign, Authentication of SAI in Australia, CSA Authentication from Canada, Authentication of KS system in Korea, UPC Authentication from USA and so on.

Established in 1978 as the first National Chinese Corporation integrating foreign trade with industry, China National Machinery & Equipment Import & Export Corporation (CMEC) deals principally in contracting international engineering projects, exporting complete plants and equipment, importing and exporting mechanical and electrical products and engaging in external economic and technical cooperation. CMEC has built up business relationships with more than 120 countries and regions around the world.

FEECL founded in 1972, is a renowned international trading company approved by the Primary Ministry of Foreign Trade Economic Cooperation of China. FEECL established long-term and close business relationship with hundreds of manufacturers. Its clients are in more than 100 countries and regions throughout Europe, America, Asia, Africa and Middle East. Their trading turnover for 2005 exceeded 219 million US dollars.

Guangdong Nanhai Light Industrial Products Import /Export Company Ltd is a Chinese’s company established in 1985. It is specialized in ceramic wall and floor tiles, high- class of faucets, bathroom accessories and sanitary ware.

Foshan Junjing Industrial Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of various tiles and sanitary ware. It is located in Guangdong Province of China.

It’s products include ceramic tiles, wall tiles, floor tiles, paving tiles, swimming tiles, and mosaic tiles.

Guangzhou Metal & Minerals Imp. & Exp. Ltd. is one of the largest exporters of Ceramics Tiles, of various grades around the world.

Guangzhou Light Holding is founded in 1956, as one of the forerunners of Import & Export Companies in China, GZLI is experienced in import and export trade, domestic distribution, OEM & ODM manufacturing as well as transportation, warehousing and advertising. Being awarded as one of the biggest 200 export companies in China, GZLI is distinguished herself in global trading of large-scale, high volume and time-sensitive consumer goods with annual revenue of about US$500 million and was listed in the Top 500 enterprises of China in 2004 and 2005

Guangzhou Light Holdings Limited mainly imports and exports light industrial products, textiles, arts and crafts, metals and minerals, chemical and machinery etc. It also deals with transportation, storage and duty-protected business, advertising and packing business and so on.

Fujian International is a professional manufacturer and exporter for all kinds of bag, including backpack, ladies bag, cosmetic bag, shopping bag, cooler bag, school bag, triangle body bag, diaper bag, document bag, laptop bag, duffle bag, tool bag, waist bag, drawstring bag etc in which we have gained wide recognition from customers.

Foshan The Link Import & Export Co., Limited is a well known trading/import & Export Company in Foshan city dealing in various products.

Foshan The Link Import & Export Co., Limited is a well known trading/import & Export Company in Foshan city dealing in various products.


Huvis Corporation, Korea was founded on November 01, 2000 in the form of joint venture of both “SK Chemicals” and “Samyang Corporation”. .

Huvis Corporation, Korea is one of the leading companies in Korea which is engaged in manufacturing of various woven goods and textiles fabrics. It has a global marketing setup through which it export these products to various countries of Europe, Middle East and Pakistan.

Tongkook Corporations (TKC) Korea is one of the leading companies in Korea which is engaged in manufacturing of various woven goods and textiles fabrics. It has a global marketing setup through which it exports these products to various countries of Europe, Middle East and Pakistan.

TK Chemical Corporation (TKC) Korea is one of the leading companies in South Korea which furnishes the equipments, technology and production capability in top class in world for high speed production of polyester yarn, which is major business item in the company, by state of art continuous polymerization direct spinning technology of ICI and full automation of production and logistics and it is producing unique and various yarn such as high functional filament yarn.

In spandex business TEXLON and ARCHRA spandex features superb stretchability and good wear comfort as well as excellent durability.

TKC is producing chips for bottle grade by continuous polymerization system with high stability of quality from its 2nd largest production capability in Korea and it is supplying its products all over the world.

Saehan was established in 1972 in korea. More than 3 decades Saehan has been a leading company in both domestic synthetic and chemical fiber industry. Saehan has constantly been manifesting its capability to develop the latest technology with unique features. It is engaged in manufacturing of polyester filament yarn, Polyester staple fibre, chip, textile and many other products. Saehan is seeking to grow further by providing better and innovative services and technologies.

Established as Cheil Synthetics Inc. in 1972, Woongjin Chemical has led the domestic Synthetic fiber industry. In particular, Woongjin Chemical has concentrated on high value-added fiber materials with the comprehensive production system which connects the polyester business to the textile business. It is situated in Soeul, South Korea. Woongjin Chemical is a listed company and its shares are listed on Stock Exchange of South Korea.


Capital Rayon Company Limited Thailand is a producer of 100% Polyester Textured Yarn and of different grades of set yarn, semi dull, raw white. The products are used in knitting, weaving, making elastic etc. Most of the sales are domestic and some quantity is exported to other countries.

Sun Flag (Thailand) Ltd. is a joint venture company incorporated in Thailand. It is engaged in the production of polyester staple fiber for yarn spinning and nonwovens production. It also produces polyester multi-filament yarns. The company exports its products to different countries including Pakistan.

The Indorama Polyester Industries Map Ta Phut polyester facility is located in Map Ta Phut, Thailand, and has an aggregate installed capacity of 252,000 tonnes per annum, comprising two production lines. Indorama acquired the Indorama Polyester Industries Map Ta Phut polyester facility in August 2008 as part of our acquisition of 98.46% of the shares of Tuntex Thailand, which was subsequently renamed Indorama Polyester Industries. Unoperational at the time of acquisition, the Indorama Polyester Industries Map Ta Phut polyester facility restarted production in December 2008. The Indorama Polyester Industries Map Ta Phut polyester facility is able to produce polyester filament, such as partially oriented yarns and draw textured yarns, as well as polyester staple fiber and hollow conjugated fiber.

Chiem Patana Synthetic Fiber Co., Ltd., is a part of Chiem Patana Group of companies in Thailand. Chiem Patana Group is one of the top textile manufacturers in Thailand. Chiem Patana Synthetic Fiber Co., Ltd., products include Polyester Products, Yarn Spinning Products, and Woven Greige Fabric. Chiem Patana Group is serving its customers with superb products and services since 1972. To this date, Chiem Patana Group products and services have reached every corner of the globe with annual sales at US$ 141 million. Chiem Patana Group has now the largest yarn spinning factory in Thailand.

Jong Stit Co., Ltd. is one of the top-three leading synthetic textile & fabric manufacturers in Thailand with specialized experience over 60 years.

Thaisiam International trading is supplier and exporter of Polyester yarn, Viscose Yarn, Nylon yarn and cotton yarn. Thaisiam International was established in Singapore in the year 2006 by Mr. Prasant Charan, the Director of the company, who has been the key figure behind the consistent progress of the company at International level. Quality being the intrinsic part of Thaisiam International business.

Thaisiam International valued network partners always enable them to timely and efficient product delivery.


P.T. Indorama Syanthetics Tbk, Indorama Corporation (“Indorama Corp”) started with the establishment of a spun yarn manufacturing plant in 1975 in Indonesia by Mr. S.P. Lohia. Today, Indorama Corp is a leading organization that manufactures a multitude of industrial products including Polyethylene, Polypropylene, Spun Yarns, Fabrics, Medical Gloves and Fertilizers. It is the second largest producer of Polyolefins in Africa and the largest in West Africa. It is also the largest producer of phosphate fertilizers in Sub-Saharan Africa.

Sulindafin is a member company of SHINTA Group Indonesia. SHINTA Group is one of the leading textile groups in Indonesia encompassing in its fold a well diversified portfolio covering manufacturing, banking, insurance, foreign exchange, international trading and contract engineering sectors. Sulindafin is an ISO 9001 certified company and is pioneer in the manufacturing of polyester POY in Indonesia. The company is one of the leading players in Polyester and Nylon industry in Indonesia.

PT. SK Keris is a subsidiary of S.K Chemicals in Indonesia. It is engaged in production of polyester and Polymerization. SK Keris commands about 40% of the Indonesian Polyester market based on its superior quality and cost competitiveness, and is focusing on developing new and value added products through technology development. It also exports Polyster to Pakistan and various other countries.

PT Panasia Indosyntec Tbk is a member of the Panasia Group. It is an Indonesia-based textile company. The Company’s principal activities are the production and marketing of fibers, threads, textiles and general trades. The Company markets its products to a number of Asian countries, Europe, North America, Africa, Australia and the Middle East.

PT. Mutu Gading Tekstil is a world class producer of polyester filament yarn in Indonesia.

PT Mutu Gading Tekstil is an ISO 9001:2008, ISO 14001:2004 and OHSAS 18001:2007  certified company with modern concepts of lean six sigma and strict quality systems to delight the customers. It is the perfect place for quality yarns due to the unique blend of man , machine and material.

PT Mutu Gading Tekstil has a diverse range of polyester filament yarns catering to all segments of the fabric  industry.

Mitra Group has grown onto a solid company whose reputation is well recognized in business arenas, both domestically and internationally. In today’s business competition around the world, Mitra Group has diversified itself into three main business activities which are assorted into General Trading, Service Industry and the Property


Hualon Corporation (M) Sdn Bhd, Malaysia is fast advancing as one of the world’s first class textile manufacturers. The primary products of Hualon Corporation includes Polyester, Cotton and Nylon. As a vertical integrated manufacturer, the company offers Chips, Yarns and Fabrics made out of these materials. Hualon Corporation has its manufacturing locations in Malaysia, Taiwan, Vietnam, Czech Republic and mainland China.

Recron Malaysia is the world’s largest integrated Polyester and Textile company with world class manufacturing facilities at Nilai and Melaka in Malaysia.

Recron Malaysia is a part of the Reliance Group, a Fortune Global Corporation and the largest Polyester producer in the world. As an important part of Reliance conglomerate, Recorn Malaysia is in a formidable position in the Global Polyester and Textile market, with uninterrupted supply of world-class quality ranging from Polymers, PET Resins, Fibres, Yarns and Fabrics.


J & M Designer’s Limited is one of the major exporters of Ceramics Tiles from Hong Kong, China.