Saifullah Khan is a very knowledgeable consultant and good networking with the relevant person. He created a niche for himself by developing competency and capacity in a relatively less known field. He works with his clients in fair and cordial manner, have the ability to deliver. More importantly a relatively rare consultant who can be taken on face value!


Aslam Mehdi

CEO – Tri-Pack Films Limited

April 2015

We want to commend S.U.Khan Associates on the excellent consultancy services they have provided to us in tariff and trade related matters. They have all the attributes we expect in a good consultancy firm: knowledge and seasoned experience, professionalism, integrity, strategic thinking, enthusiasm and responsiveness.


Zafar Mehmood

CEO – NIMIR Industrial Chemicals Ltd

April 2015

S.U.Khan Associates has handled several international trade cases on behalf of our company, specially antidumping. In each Case, they have shown a superior level of expertise in the complex areas of the law and facts. Most importantly, they have obtained a successful result in each case. That is why we always look for S.U.Khan Associates for any international trade related matter.


Zubair Tufail

CEO – Tufail Chemical Industries Limited

May 2015

Descon Chemicals has worked with S.U.Khan Associates on a wide host of international trade, tariff and associated matters. Our experience with them is exceptional.

Mr. Saifullah Khan and his consulting team have consistently added great value through their abilities, knowledge and relationships. We have found their professional inputs to be consistently fair, transparent and above-board. The quality and delivery of their work can be considered as “best in class” measured by international standards.


Aamir Niazi

CEO – Descon Oxychem and Descon Chemicals

May 2015

The best thing about working with S.U.Khan Associates is that while the Managing Partner has deep insight and experience, it is not a one man show at all – there is capability, knowledge and professionalism at every level of the organisation. The consultants are specialists in their respective fields, thorough in their work, eager to learn about clients specific issues and dynamics, and maintain good communication and people skills, which is very necessary in their line of work. I would rate them as the best consultants in Pakistan for any trade or commerce related issue on a federal or international level.”


Abbas Akberali

Chief Executive – Amreli Steels Limited

December 2017

Saifullah Khan has the rare capability of advising on legal and commercial aspects of a business, together, not only in local context but also International arena.

This brings immense value for businesses trying to create a level playing field or expand overseas. With deep understanding of governmental way of working as well as International trade conduct, Saifullah is able to provide a formidable, highly valuable support to his clients. It has been always a pleasure to interact with him, one can deliberate with Saifullah knowing that he will give a fair advise and deliver. Saifullah team is also very capable and supportive.


Mustanser Ali Khan

CEO & Director – Pakistan Aluminium Beverages Cans Limited

January 2018

Century enjoys a decade old cordial relationship with S.U. Khan Associates. Initially the firm services were solicited in relation to anti-dumping matters. Time strengthened our relationship and now the firm is our valued partner on a wide host of International trade, tariff and associated matters. Mr. Saifullah Khan and his team always remain at forefront to represent and defend the position of our Company at different forum on timely and befitting manner with in-depth knowledge on the subject matter and thorough professional conduct.



CEO – Century Paper & Board Mills Limited

January 2018