Today’s business leaders face a global business environment, which offers many opportunities as well as poses many challenges and dilemmas that only the most agile and best-connected companies are able to forecast and navigate. Trust, credibility, license to operate and innovate will be the preserve of enterprises that proactively engage and respond to economic, social and environmental risks and opportunities. The prize will be stakeholders confidence and investment in a business that is demonstrably profitable, responsible and entrepreneurial – both for itself and for society.

The elusive goal of sustainable development, or sustainability reporting as it is also called, is to make decisions and carry out programs and projects in a manner that maximizes benefits to the natural environment and humans and their cultures and communities, while maintaining or enhancing financial viability.

The persistent stakeholders’ and investors’ pressure for companies to provide information on the challenges they face in the environment in which they operate has achieved a great deal of importance.

Sustainability reports are playing an increasingly vital role in building trust between companies and their stakeholders. Firms are seeking external assurance for their reports from environmental consultancies and other specialist organizations.


We render following services which help organizations deliver to their shareholders and future generations of the emerging economies. It is the only way to grow true long-lasting value:

  • Development of Sustainability Policy/strategy;
  • Development and writing of external communications;
  • Internal communications, workshops and events;
  • Opinion leader engagement and surveys;
  • Facilitation and chairing;
  • Pressure group briefings and issues tracking;
  • Aligning the Client’s activities with the Key Performance Indicators as framed by the GRI;
  • Development of Sustainability Reports in compliance with the GRI Framework and Guidelines issued by SECP;
  • Development of a framework for maintenance of critical information for enhancement in Reporting level i.e. A , B & C
  • Communication with GRI for Application Level Check of Sustainability Reports.

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