Trade remedy measures pose risks and provide opportunities. Prudent planning and proactive strategy of the management minimizes these risks rather it convert risk into opportunity. We provide management system in order to actively obtain information that is capable to point out possible risks in various export markets and also indicate the hidden opportunities.

Our trade management system is based upon analysis of actual data supplied by our valued clients to foresee risks and to make appropriate business decision. Therefore companies exposed to trade risks are well equipped to timely respond to trade remedy measures.

Additionally, we use the concept of measuring normal value in international trade based on economic theories and actual statistics of the countries. Therefore by implementing trade management system designed by us, companies can obtain information for profit evaluation and also in business decision making.


  • Advising clients how to maintain record to avoid risk of dumping.
  • Advising maintenance of books and records to successfully & timely respond trade remedy Authorities in other countries.
  • To keep the clients updated on new trading opportunities in other countries.
  • Collection, construction and adjustment of normal value.
  • Analyzing export price and various adjustments.
  • Analyzing provisional dumping margin.
  • Analyzing and evaluation of various injury factors.
  • Identification and analysis of subsidy schemes.
  • Examining provisional countervailing measures.
  • Guiding on various upcoming review possibilities.

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