The rise of ecommerce has transformed the way businesses were carried out. It has given an opportunity to small businesses to level the field with large corporations. The availability and rapid use of internet and mobile devices has made it possible for the customer to transact not only within the business premises but also from home and from other public places. Ecommerce has enabled retailers to reach out to its prospects and clients and the products may be viewed and made available even in the areas where the business does not exist physically.

With the growth of ecommerce, the competition between businesses is also getting intense. A business has to compete while complying with all the applicable laws and regulations and such compliance not only prevents businesses from penalties, reputational damage or fines but also gives the business a competitive advantage over its rivals. The road to success is paved with best practices, rather than burdening your business, compliance to evolving standards can actually open up new avenues of opportunity. But to capitalize upon them as an online business, compliance to the applicable laws, regulation and policies is a must. Few important areas that a business must know for compliance before going online include:

  • Data Privacy
  • Shipping and delivery
  • Refund and payments
  • Consumer laws and rights
  • Terms and conditions to use website or for online purchase
  • Online Advertising compliance
  • Handling financial data of online customers
  • Trade marks, patents and copyrights
  • Taxation
  • Maintenance of written agreements including e-contracts

The better you understand security guidelines, the easier it will be to stay competitive and build a sustainable online business. In order to assist our clients to maintain a compliant online business we are offering legal services in ecommerce including:

  1. Contracts drafting, reviewing and negotiating

The scope of our legal services consists of reviewing, interpreting, and drafting a broad range of agreements. These agreements include website development agreements, terms and conditions of use of website, privacy policy agreements, software development and app development agreements, Collaboration and licensing agreements, IT procurement and outsourcing contract etc.

  1. Privacy and Data protection

Data protection and information law is a particular concern for organizations in the technology sectors. Organizations might handle a large amount of confidential information about their clients and therefore need to ensure that this information is kept secure and confidential, both to comply with the law and also to protect client’s interests.

We provide advice, training and assistance and regularly advise on responding to requests for personal data and information with respect to data protection issues. We can also advise on data protection and email or SMS and text marketing issues.

  1. Consumer Protection

E-commerce is preferred due to a variety of reasons that include affordability, wider range of products and services and convenience involved in the transaction. However, at the same time, there are concerns like privacy of data, online identity theft and sometimes the products ordered do not conform to their actual description. In these situations, the consumer needs protection under consumer protection laws which are also applicable to electronic consumers. We assist and advise clients to become complaint with consumer protection laws to protect them from any claim.

  1. Advertising

While a strong online presence benefits both businesses and customers, it creates a host of legal issues for businesses and their online marketing strategies. As new technology continues to emerge, new issues will arise and, as a result, businesses that choose to engage in digital advertising will need to remain vigilant of, and current with, new and revised regulations. We provide analysis of the advertising material and assist clients to fulfill the disclosure requirements under relevant laws.

  1. Intellectual Property

Online enforcement of intellectual property rights can become a vital issue for businesses and corporations involved in online commerce. Our firm is involved in protecting the intellectual property rights for and on behalf of the client and makes the client understand how intellectual property relates to e-commerce. The companies may face IP issues while designing and building their websites, in the distribution of content on the internet, in disclosures on the internet etc. and these may be related to internet domain names. For all these issues and others related to intellectual property in e-commerce, you are at the right place.

  1. Website Legal Compliance Audits/Reviews

The firm advises the clients on how the local laws and regulations may impact their activities and what are their obligations in relation to their website. A website legal audit is designed to review whether the client has adequate terms of use of website, what are the required disclosures by law and whether the website is in compliant with respective laws, terms and conditions of business, whether the company owns or has the right to use copyright in your writing, graphics, photographs etc.

Ensuring that you remain compliant is one of the best proactive measures to protect your company and cut costs in the long-term.

  1. Dispute Resolution

If things go wrong our specialist dispute resolution team can guide you through your options and take action on your behalf.

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