Are you interested in getting updated knowledge of various regulations effecting international trade of Pakistan? Want to know the import & export restrictions in Pakistan? Looking for summary legislations that apply to financial and legal services in Pakistan? Need information about tariff and non-tariff barriers and trade remedy measures? 

All these and much more have been included in a chapter authored by Mr. Saifullah Khan (our managing partner) and Mr. Saeed Hasan Khan (our partner) on International Trade in Goods and Services in Pakistan for Thomson Reuter’s Practical Law database in International Trade and Commercial Transactions Global Guide

This chapter can be accessed at International Trade in Goods and Services in Pakistan: Overview:

International Trade in Goods and Services in Pakistan: Overview

The partners of the firm have also contributed another Chapter relating to legal framework concerning “Sale and Storage of goods in Pakistan” in the same publication. This includes domestic legislation and standard contractual terms for sale of goods in Pakistan. It further contains substantive and formal requirements for contract of sale of goods, payment & delivery terms and passing of title and risk in the absence of any agreed terms, remedies and damages the may be claimed in case of breach, storage of goods and much more. 

This chapter can be accessed at Sale and Storage of Goods in Pakistan: Overview:

Sale and Storage of Goods in Pakistan: Overview

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