On October 15, 2020, the National Tariff Commission of Pakistan has initiated Sunset Review of antidumping duties imposed on Hydrogen Peroxide (HP) from Bangladesh. As a result of this initiation, the anti-dumping duties (at increased rates ranging from 15.38% – 16.10% as a result of recently concluded Change of Circumstances Review investigation) which were due to expire on October 16th, 2020 will now continue during the course of instant investigation.

Here it is pertinent to share that we have been serving the domestic HP manufacturing industry in various antidumping investigations (including sunset reviews and change of circumstances review) since 2009 and over the period of time, the industry’s production capacity has reached to over 100,000 MT from non-existence in 2007. One of the prime reason of such manifold increase in manufacturing capability of the industry is timely restriction of unfair trade practices of exporter from major sources, with the help of trade remedial measures. 

We feel honoured that we imparted our role / expertise in this phenomenal growth of our valued clients. For more details, please see the link below:

Notice of Initiation of Sunset Review

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