On November 03, 2016, the National Tariff Commission, Government of Pakistan, in the matter of an antidumping application prepared and filed by our firm on behalf of M/s. International Steels Limited, Karachi, has made preliminary determination on the basis of Dumping Margins.

The provisional dumping margins expressed as percentage of weighted average adjusted export work out as follows:

Exporter Name

Dumping margin

Angang Steel Company Ltd., Anshan City, China


Bengang Steel Plates Co. Ltd., Benxi City, China


Hebei Iron & Steel Co. Ltd., Handan City, China


Maanshan Iron & Steel Co., Ltd., Maanshan City, China


All other producers/exporters from China


Final determination shall be made within 180 days of this preliminary determination. With the imposition of antidumping duties, the applicant domestic industry will surely get the desired protection against the unfair trade practices / pricing by producers/exporters from China.

Notice of Preliminary Determination

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