On February 21, 2020, the National Tariff Commission (NTC) Government of Pakistan initiated review for change of circumstances in case of antidumping duty imposed on import of Hydrogen Peroxide from People’s Republic of Bangladesh.

This is the first ever Review for Change of Circumstances initiated by the NTC. As per this notice of initiation, the NTC has considered the issues, identified in the review for change of circumstances application (prepared and filed by our firm on behalf of our clients namely “Descon Oxychem Ltd, Lahore and Sitara Peroxide Ltd, Faisalabad”).

The basis of initiation of instant review including increase in rates of gas prices in Bangladesh, oversupply in local market of Bangladesh due to multiple capacity expansions in Bangladesh and India, Export prices of Bangladesh, absorption of antidumping duties, antidumping duties imposed on imports of Hydrogen Peroxide from Bangladesh by India and return of China to the Export market of Hydrogen Peroxide.

We believe that as a result of instant review, the antidumping duties imposed in the original investigation would be revised upward and the domestic industry would reap the due benefit of the instant duties.

Notice of Initiation of Review for Change of Circumstances

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