On June 09, 2017, the National Tariff Commission of Pakistan (NTC) in pursuance of an antidumping application prepared and filed by our firm on behalf of our client namely “Pakistan Aluminum Beverage Cans Limited, Faisalabad” has initiated antidumping investigation against dumping of ALUMINIUM BEVERAGE CANS into the commerce of Pakistan originating in and/or exported from Jordan, Sri Lanka, Turkey and UAE

We hope that the investigation will bear positive outcomes and provisional and final antidumping duties will be imposed on dumped imports of Aluminium Beverage Cans from dumped sources and our commitment to strive for domestic industry’s protection will be proved once again.

We hope the domestic industry will enjoy the benefits of the said antidumping investigation in the shape of imposition of definitive antidumping duties.


Notice of Initiation

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