Enormous business opportunities being created by China – Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) are knocking the doors of entrepreneurs across the globe. Pakistan will be a beneficiary by having world class road and rail infrastructure, communication network, surplus energy, special economic zones equipped with all the desired facilities and above all, a large regional market of around three billion people. Pakistan is rich in natural endowments, like minerals, fertile agricultural land irrigated through one the largest canal system, rains and tubewell; five season, deserts, mountains; a very hard working dedicated cheap labour force and deep sea ports of Karachi and Gwadar. Government of Pakistan is establishing a number of special economic zones and offering long-term liberal tax regime to the investors who will establish business units in those zones.

You might be looking for a credible professional firm to assist you in realizing the dream to avail this unique opportunity. S.U.Khan Associates, Management Consultants offer you the services you might be looking for, including the following:

Selection of suitable special economic zone to locate your business (depending upon the type of business) and executing lease agreement of the selected industrial unit;

  1. Research for the product market (Pakistan, China, Central, Southern and Western Asian Countries);
  2. Assess export potential, study tariff structure in the targeted foreign market and assessment under WTO Rules;
  3. Search of investment partner from any friendly country you desire, who could bring in investment, technology and marketing strategy to Pakistan;
  4. Due diligence of investment partner’s business worth and credibility;
  5. Drafting of investment collaboration agreement;
  6. Negotiating with lending institutions (Pakistani and Chinese banks) to arrange most economical financing;
  7. Prepare overall feasibility report;
  8. Assist in incorporation of the entity and meeting the corporate requirements / formalities in accordance with Companies Law and other applicable laws;
  9. Arranging NOCs from the concerned authorities and regulators in Pakistan by complying to the relevant provisions of law;
  10. Dealing with the tax matters according to Income Tax, Sales Tax, Excise Duty laws in Pakistan; and
  11. Any other allied task (legal as well as technical assistance) required to launch the business / exports in the trade partner’s country.

About Us

We, S.U.Khan Associates were established, in the year 2004, with the aim of providing distinctive range of services to our clients in Pakistan as well as globally. With soaring aspirations and the zeal to succeed, we endeavor to be a recognized and reputed as global professional service provider.

We have been synthesizing the learning from a vast experience-base and converting that into advantage for our clients. We offer expert services to public and private sectors. We are one of the firms that can offer innovative solutions to problems that our clients face.Read more…