We are pleased to share that today the National Tariff Commission (NTC) of Pakistan has notified continuation of definitive antidumping duties in the second sunset review of anti-dumping duties imposed on dumped imports of Hydrogen Peroxide imported from Belgium, China, Indonesia, Korea, Chinese Taipei, Thailand and Turkey. As a result, same rates of antidumping duties levied in original investigation ranging from 3.52% – 84.48%  will continue for another period of five years. 

This is the first case in Pakistan wherein the antidumping duty is levied for a period of fifteen years consecutively, which is in fact a step in the right direction by the NTC. This will encourage more industries to come forward and seek level playing field against unfair trade practices.

After the levy of antidumping duties in original investigation and its continuation in first sunset review, the Hydrogen Peroxide domestic industry became able to not only utilize its installed capacity but also enhances its capacity further to serve user industry. New players have also entered the industry and companies are also exporting the surplus to different countries. We hope that continuation of antidumping duties in second sunset review will bring more positive operational results for every company in this industry.

For more details concerning this review investigation, please see the link below:

Notice of Conclusion of Sunset Review Investigation

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